Loughlin's Irish Steak Sauce

It’s the steak sauce foodies love. Pick it up at your local Hannaford or Whole Foods, or order right here online.

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Meet Joe


“During the fighting of World War II, my Dad Joseph F.X. Loughlin dreamed of being home in Brooklyn, N.Y. grilling a thick steak marinated in his mom’s special sauce. My Grandma Frances’s secret recipe. Not only is it good on steaks; it cures hangovers, too! So try a little Irish. I guarantee you’ll never forget it!”


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The Best Burgers

Mix Loughlin's into hamburger and let sit for 2 hours. Be sure to cook at room temp and sear on each side to keep juices in and capture the flavor. You most likely will not need any condiments. It's just that...

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Swordfish Steak with Loughlin’s and Dill Sauce.

Create your favorite dill sauce but add a tablespoon of Loughlin's. Marinate swordfish in Loughlin's for at least 4 hrs. Grill at room temp, and let swordfish rest for a minute before serving. Place grilled fish on top of mashed potatoes, add vegetables and serve up...

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Summer Salads

Try this with Steak or Chicken for a great summer salad: Marinate steak or chicken for at least 4 hours or overnight in Loughlin's. Grill to your liking, but always start at room temperature with meat before grilling. I use spinach, blueberries, walnuts and feta...

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